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I do, however, have two sisters, and their relationship with my mother is very different when compared to the characters in the short stories "Who's Irish?

I do, however, have two sisters, and their relationship with my mother is very different when compared to the characters in the short stories "Who's Irish?

Through characters, like Loretta, and others that Prenatt described, she self-reflected – then moved on. Both writers acknowledge the contributions of their roots and family ties in the process of learning to find remarkable essence in English and love of communicating effectively especially with their parents who occur to be the primary concern in their attempt to simplify approach in writing.

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and Number Due Mary Gordon and the Mother/Daughter Relationship Although it is not one of her most mentioned stories, Mary Gordon’s “Cleaning Up” highlights the relationship between a daughter and her mentally unbalanced mother.

The messages in the story are clear: never feel sorry for yourself and love your mother no matter what.

Loretta’s “violation” of John Lavin at the end of the story was for her mother, so to speak.

The story ends with Loretta wishing she could tell her mother what she’d done.The mother/daughter relationship amongst different people can be the same, but also very different.There are many similarities in the relationships between the mothers and daughters in the short stories, "Who's Irish?Like Loretta, Gordon never let her problems with her mother (or her father) get in her way. “Simulation and the Authentic Self: Issues of Identity in Works by Flannery O’Connor and Mary Gordon,” Flannery O’Connor Review 3 (2005): 39-48.She saw those relationships as obstacles to be overcome. (“Mother daughter relationship in Mary Gordon's Cleaning Up (short Essay”, n.d.) Retrieved from “Mother Daughter Relationship in Mary Gordon' S Cleaning Up (short Essay”, n.d. Comparing ‘Only Daughter’ and ‘Mother Tongue’ In a way it may be observed that though Amy Tan and Sandra Cisneros havehad distinct origins in terms of nationality, culture, language, and general environment in which they were brought up, the readers of ‘Mother Tongue’ and ‘Only Daughter’ by the respective authors may recognize significant points of similarity.Against her mother’s advice, Gordon performed secretarial work and babysat for Thaddeus to put herself through school.Gordon’s own mother, though disfigured from and afflicted with polio, also worked as a secretary to support her family because her husband wouldn’t.Loretta’s pre-college schooling is better than what Gordon was provided, but both earn a Master’s degree and use it to teach. According to an Internet biography, Gordon received the same kind of influence from Elizabeth Hardwick and Janice Thaddeus.Gordon actually considered becoming a nun, a lifestyle that Loretta also briefly contemplates.The fact that Loretta strives as hard as her mother would have wanted her to, makes it clear that Loretta loved her mother despite the turmoil she’d created.Even though Loretta never saw her mother again, she thinks about her.


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