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But people are already gaming standardized testing, sometimes criminally.And, at a basic level of competency, a grade or an evaluative report would give us as much information as we now get from standardized tests. In the same course or department, a B in one classroom might be an A, or even a C, in another.

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The second—less radical and more familiar—is that, even if standardized testing were an efficient benchmark of basic skills, the costs associated with it are too high.

Standardized tests are unnecessary because they rarely show what we don't already know.

The consistency of standardized tests is supposed to permit reliable and accurate comparison for test results across demographics.

However, there are many possible problems with Standardized testing, namely: Standardization makes it possible to compare students, schools, districts, and it makes evident what content has been learned.

What's also started to happen is that teachers who use the same standards and rubrics, assign the same performance tasks, and grade each other's work are finding their letter grades starting to align.

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Standardized college admissions tests have been around since the early 1900s.It is inevitable that a research paper or some form of academic testing will be required of future teachers on the topic of standardized testing at some point in their college career.Paper Masters helps flush out the issue of standardize testing and shows students the main topic areas of the issue.Given high stakes and the accompanying pressure, people will game a system.And it is all too true that grades vary widely because of four factors: a teacher's conception of achievement, a teacher's sense of equity and rigor, a teacher's ability, and the composition of students.The following are just a few arguments in favor of standardized testing.Standardized Testing Critics of standardized testing in college admissions say that standardized tests are no longer as good of an indicator of college success as once thought.You can use this website to help you understand standardized testing or have our professional writers in the field of education administration write a custom research paper for you.Standardized testing has become an integral part of modern American education.They aren't as good when the universe of data is broadened.They are mediocre at analysis, counter-arguments, rebuttals, and evaluation of sources, though they have recently gotten better at evaluating sources as we have improved our instruction and formative assessments.


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