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Love means you care about someone or you are very passionate about something. It is also adhering to principles and values that you believe in."At a dojo, you try to find your inner part. You find your inner part because you are all wearing the same outfits so that everybody is equal.Also, if everybody is wearing the same [uniform], it is not about your outfit but who you are inside and how much effort you put into training that makes you special.

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After all, she has a long way to go still, and any kudos would be premature.

Perhaps like most parents, I wanted to stack the deck to make it easier for my child to succeed.

My daughter did not want to change studios, so we persisted.

It also means that they know that fighting is not always the answer, and they should try to get out of dangerous situations with their voices and not with their physical karate skills.

"In karate, I have not only learned the physical part of the curriculum.


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