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This include copying from different exams or tests, using crib notes, copying from other students while at the exams, getting help or giving help to someone while in an exam room, or even getting assignments and term, papers done by others.

The behavior of cheating can be traced to few decades ago among high school and college students.

Because of this, they ensure to use any means to ensure that they register the expected grades.

In most colleges and universities, the penalty of being caught in cheating in a test or assignment is being rewarded a grade of zero.

Another factor that drives student to cheating is the pressure of the workload they are given.

Students interviewed have been seen to argue that they are given large workloads within deadlines that they unable to complete.

Although cheating has been researched on as early as from 1970s, it is a behavior that was not common in schools and colleges given the strict rules and disciplinary action that were associated to it.

However, nowadays, cheating has become not just a common problem in college; it is a learned behavior that has serious implications in the future, and this problem is spreading more widely among college students.

The phenomenon that the workplace needs performers in education has further motivated students to cheat in examinations.

Students desire to achieve academic excellence for them to be at a better position of securing a good job after college.


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