Essays On Fathers And Sons By Ivan Turgenev

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33]) Hearing this story causes Bazarov to laugh at him, which contributed to their mutual animosity.

However, there is a sense of retribution, in that when Bazarov is heartlessly rejected by Odintsova, he finds himself in a similar situation to Pavel back-in-the-day, and doesn’t know what to do.¬ However, unlike Pavel, Bazarov is eventually reunited with his unrequited lover, even if it is on his deathbed.

Arkady stays by Bazarov’s side despite his faults, supporting him during Bazarov’s lowest point, when he is trying to figure out his feelings for Odintsova, even though he himself had feelings for her.

Though they had their struggles (during a quarrel Bazarov called Pavel an “idiot”.

He has not yet married her, because he is afraid that Pavel would not approve- Nikolai thinks the world of his brother, believing him to be infinitely more intelligent and logical than he.

Pavel seems to be against the idea of them being married as well, as Pavel is the tiniest bit classist.However, as he never received a kiss from her while staying at Nikolskoe, he asks for one (“Blow on the dying lamp and let it go out.” [p. Also, Odintsova notes after wincing at Bazarov’s condition while suffering from typhus, “the thought that she would not have felt such terror if she really loved him flashed for a moment through her mind”.Although Bazarov felt strongly enough about her to announce his feelings and then walk around in a melancholy state after she rejects him, Odintsova either does not return or is not able to return his feelings.In Turgenev’s novel, we are introduced to all sorts of relationships, be they romantic, familial, or platonic.The hero of this book, Bazarov, is quite an interesting character; he is liked by some, loathed by others, worshipped by one particular individual, but for the most part, he commands respect from all who meet him (which is given, if a bit grudgingly).Once again, we see the difference between the nihilist Bazarov and proud Pavel: Pavel spends the majority of his adult life nursing the wounds left by the Princess; one could imagine what he would say if she were alive and he was given the opportunity to speak to her again.However, even as he’s dying, Bazarov states that he loved Odintsova, but as he is dying, it doesn’t really mean much. Odintsova doesn’t appear terribly affected by all of this- she kept on trucking after her first husband died, was surprised to learn that both Bazarov and Arkady were in love with her, and only six months later she marries a lawyer for practical reasons, not because they are in love.Bazarov treats Arkady like a little kid, talking down to him, acting condescending and snobbish (although one could argue that that’s how Bazarov treats everyone, but one would think that he’d be a tiny bit kinder to one of his “close friends”).It is noteworthy that while Arkady sings Bazarov’s praises, saying how much he’s learned from Bazarov and how much he means to him, Bazarov rarely-if ever – says anything complimentary about Arkady.As Pavel Petrovich once said, “The human personality must be as strong as a rock, because everything is built on it.” [p.49] If Bazarov acted like an arrogant jerk throughout the entire book, with no character development whatsoever There weren’t be much purpose in reading this, would there?


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