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But in just about all cases I’ve been responding to what they did to me.”It’s a claim Trump has made before. He minds his own business until someone else launches a dastardly attack. To many Republicans, it’s a tremendously appealing self-self-depiction. Because it’s the way they depict the United States.

Jacksonians, Mead argues, view America as a country that just wants to be left alone.

Trump described the question as a kind of violent attack: “there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.” In his mind, this entitled him to call Kelly a “bimbo.” When Kelly asked him about that epithet on Wednesday night, he justified it as “fighting back.”The mid-20th-century theologian Reinhold Niebuhr often argued that the greatest danger to American foreign policy was America’s presumption of innocence.

If the United States recognized its sinfulness, it would accept moral limits on its power.

Indeed, the chronic awfulness of almost every other aspect of the fight with Britain stood in high contrast to Jackson’s part in it.

Military ineptitude, political dissent verging on treason, and the humiliation of the sacked capital of Washington, D. all constituted the American story of the war—at least until Jackson won the Creek War of 1813-14 and then proceeded to crush the Duke of Wellington’s veterans on the Chalmette Plain.

The core concepts underlying Jacksonian Democracy—equal protection of the laws; an aversion to a moneyed aristocracy, exclusive privileges, and monopolies, and a predilection for the common man; majority rule; and the welfare of the community over the individual—have long been defined almost exclusively by the Bank War, which commenced in earnest with the election of Andrew Jackson in 1828.

Yet, this same rhetoric proved far more pervasive and consistent when one considers the ardent opposition to the protective system.

New Orleans was the culmination of Jackson’s already impressive military career, and it established the man in the public’s imagination as a successor to those who had won the American Revolution.

Americans suddenly wanted portraits and biographies of Jackson—the general credited with “winning” the War of 1812—reminiscent of those revered patriots.


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