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Sheila Rodríguez, "La conquista maya de España: Reinventando la historia de Carlos Fuentes' In Memorium. Alexander (1918-2010): Pioneer Latin Americanist, by Mark Wasserman(5-10).2009 Keynote Address.Virginia Bouvier, "Reflections on the State of the Art in Latin American Studies" (11-21). Jack Child, "A Copyright-Free Source of Latin American Visuals" (22-32).

Isabel Valiena, "Constructing Memory Through Technology: by Elías Miguel Muñoz" (110-22). Brian Turner, "State Reform and Anti-Neoliberal Rhetoric in Paraguay" (20-37).

Manuel Ángel Rodríguez, "Ruralidad, urbanización, participación federal y obra pública municipal en Guerrero" (123-36). Ivani Vassoler, "A Woman on the Front-Lines Against the Last Bastion of Colonialism in Brazil" (38-54).

John-Paul Wilson, "Sandinista Impact on Nicaraguan Gender Relations" (5-18).

Brendan Halloran, "Participatory Governance: Citizenship, Community, Power and the Future of Guatemalan Democracy" (19-27).

Tyler Darr, "The 2009 Honduran Presidential Crisis: Prospects for Future Democratic Development" (28-42).

Thomas Andrew O'Keefe, "While the United States Slept, South America Walked" (43-55).We also invite you to explore the new MACLAS publication, the Articles.Ernesto Sagas, "Environmental Justice in Chile: The Price of Success" (5-19).Jack Child, "The Politics and Semiotics Of Argentine Postage Stamps" (55-85).Kevin Coleman, "Historical Narratives On The Banana Industry Imperial Arguments In U. Ken Lehman, "History On Its Head With An Historian At The Helm Bolivia’s Gas War—Precedent And Aftermath" (106-133).Cathy Marie Ouelette, "Amazonian Conquests and the Politics of Deforestation" (20-27).Laura Romah, "Engaging Men in Gender Equality Programs: The Case of Nicaragua" (28-37).Consuelo Hernández, "El inmigrante como sujeto polidimensional en de Bencastro" (72-81).Silvia Peart, "La celebración de hibridez en Sandra Cisneros y Mia Couto: Reflexiones sobre la identidad en los márgenes" (82-88).Camelia Tigau, "Circulation of Highly Qualified Workforce in Latin America: A Focus on the Mexican Diaspora" (38-52).Mirna Trauger, "El cuerpo de su conceptualización posmoderna en Articles.


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