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Once the Constitution of the United States was written in 1787 at the Philadelphia convention, the next step was ratification.

This is the formal process, outlined in Article VII, which required that nine of the thirteen states had to agree to adopt the Constitution before it could go into effect.

The Constitution of the United States was written in 1787, yet there was a struggle for its ratification that went on until 1790.

The Louisiana Purchase was the acquisition by the United States of America in 1803.

[tags: anti-federalists, federalist paper] - The Federalist Papers is the name for the 85 articles that Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay wrote collectively between the years of 17.

These essays or articles were written in an attempt to persuade the people of New York to ratify the new United States Constitution.

These particular conflicts were significant because as a result of these conflicts, American life was forever changed.

The ratification of the 19th amendment was a cause of social conflict during the 1920s through the introduction of the new woman.... (1786-1792) The Constitution had to be ratified by the states before it went into full effect; however, states had different ideas and hopes for their new government, so a national debate over ratifying the constitution sparked.

As in any debate there were two sides, the Federalists who supported ratification and the Anti-Federalists who did not.

We now know that the Federalists prevailed, and the U. Constitution was ratified in 1788, and went into effect in 1789. Similar to how they felt about the rest of the proposed federal government, the Anti-Federalists believed the Constitution granted too much power to the federal courts, at the expense of the state and local courts.


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