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The article mentions utilizing peer tutors which is great, I would also encourage using students without disabilities as peer mentors is one way to encourage positive interactions between peers with and without special needs and help teach students without disabilities about their peers with disabilities.A mentor can help with more than the academic side of being a student but be a social integration tool and partner in peer advocacy.

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It is also necessary to be inclusive and encourage peer students with and without disabilities to treat the student with special needs with respect, dignity, and like an equal including him or her in peer events.Narratives surrounding the anniversary will be discussed through a deconstructive narrative reading, guided by a poststructural framework from postcolonial- and feminist perspectives, which engage with nationhood and politics of belonging.The aim of this thesis is to open up imaginaries that speak about Nordic coloniality in relation to the Indigenous Sámi.The main question has not been raised, though: does this phonetic detail matter for speakers?Would they use these minor differences when they have to categorize a new word as regular or irregular?A central conclusion of this thesis is that Nordic narratives of exceptionality work to...(More)This thesis is a critical reflection on the metanarratives that are often employed to describe ‘Nordic exceptionality’.** MPEd in the Fields of ISL and TESOL begins in September and January. MPEd in Educational Leadership focused in Aboriginal Education starts in July. As the article points out attitudes often impact behaviors and a negative attitude toward individuals with disabilities (especially ones with emotional and/or behavior needs) may lead to bias and discrimination.These attitudes can also be noticed by the student and negatively impact his or her self- esteem and feelings of self- efficacy.


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