Expectations Of Women Essay

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Whereas gender is, the feminine and masculine tense refers to characteristics and behavior that are not tied to biology but instead originate from the culture-specific perception, treatment of what sex you are and should be.

Gendered behaviors can include gender-specific clothing, speech, movement, activities, thoughts and feelings, and those norms may vary according to place, time and culture.

Another true fact: The pressure on women to create perfect weddings and be perfect brides would make even the chillest dude snap. That we should own a cat if we're single in our 30s. But I know some single ladies who own dogs, so there? The painful truth is, some of us had parents who ordered Chinese food delivery every night and we ate it while forcing our little brothers to do our chores by threatening to string them up by their butts if they didn't.

True fact: Some of us don't give two shits about centerpieces. We aren't born with potholders in our hands and a recipe for beef bourguignon in our brains. That would mean all women are superhumans, and that would be dope.

Sanctioning can either be overt, for example legislation that criminalizes homosexuality, (such as in India and the Middle East) or covert, such as the prevalence of and bias towards extremely feminine females and masculine males in the media.

Though gender is specific to context, it can have similarities across cultures, in particular gender inequality.

These gender roles are obvious, like the role of woman as principal child giver, and some are more obscure, such as the institutions and social expectations that support women and not men in caring for children.

In the toddler years, children are gifted with gender-specific toys that encourage them to play-act gender roles in practice for adult life.

Gender roles persist in many areas of life starting from delivery, being wrapped in either a blue or a pink blanket depending on sex.

After birth, people whom give gifts, seem to ask the sex of the baby even before inquiring about health, and then select gifts based on the answer just like at delivery blue for boys and pink for girls.


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