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Fashion bloggers, as representatives of fashion consumers, cannot only write about fashion, but can also participate by offering feedback and comments, enabling potential improvement of product designs.Despite the fact that social media offers an effective platform for two-way communication, many fashion houses have not embraced this concept in their business yet.

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This has also helped fashion blogging become a huge part of the fashion industry, with it now being viewed as a respectable facet of the industry.

These people have become hugely influential in the fashion world, having been deemed the title of product influencers.

So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve learned from the whole experience!

I’m not going to go into the specifics about who I studied and what my findings of my research were.

The essential findings from the survey demonstrate that a blog’s influence remains linked to readers’ perceptions, particularly in the context of these four elements, and may well be evaluated and ranked on such key elements.

This study also found that fashion bloggers are progressively more influential as a result of the interactive elements of prevailing social media platforms and the proliferation of digital technology, which tend to increase electronic word-of-mouth and further contribute to the fashion blogger’s level of influence.Thus, this dissertation explores the beauty of fashion blogging in an attempt to answer the question how the fashion bloggers have influenced the fashion market through social media.Fashion bloggers employ a variety of platforms such as Instagram, designers post commercials, and videos to emerge as the voice for different brands or fashion items, interpreting fashion from their point of view.Instagram is the ‘highlight reel’ of people’s lives and as it is such a visual platform, it’s a place where people want to show their best possible imagery. Obviously, some bloggers and influencers lead what looks like the most incredible lives.Exotic holidays, luxury hotels and designer labels are not exactly what you would call ‘relatable’.The practical implications are clear for fashion bloggers and personal style bloggers who strive to have any degree of influence on readers and subscribers to their blogs, as well as those who seek to attract and sustain an audience as a successful business model within the increasingly competitive world of fashion blogs.Abstract Fashion bloggers have played a more and more significant role in fashion industry as the development of social media.I haven’t got my mark back yet and I think that would be unwise!But I am going to talk about what I have learned, as a blogger, about Instagram and fashion blogging in general from the whole experience. Most articles focus on the biggest fashion bloggers in the world, like Chiara Ferranghi and Aimee Song.This study seeks to identify the key elements of blog content that fashion bloggers must possess at a minimum to have any significant degree of influence on their readers.Four key elements have been identified as fundamental to having and sustaining influence among blog readers, in general; (1) Trustworthiness (2) Expertise (3) Personal Relevance and (4) Authenticity.


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