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While answering such questions, it is good to know that the interviewer wants to know your reasoning capabilities.So you’re looking for some weird, odd, unusual job interview questions, are you?

So when there were problems with any of their data-entry equipment, supervisors were supposed to try to resolve the issue without calling the vendor for repairs (and waiting for a field technician who might not arrive for hours).

For that reason, they only wanted to hire supervisors who weren’t afraid to get dirty fixing things.

You need to relax, take a deep breath and prepare to answer the questions the interviewer has for you.

But, what if you face a set of questions different from the common job interview questions – such as funny questions that come as a surprise to many people?

Well, just so you know, a while back we published a wildly popular roundup of 20 weird interview questions that have actually been asked in an interview (go check it out if you haven’t yet! And now that you’re here, you’ve just arrived at Part 2!

That’s right and since that other post did so well, we went ahead and rounded up a fresh new batch of weird interview questions which you can find below.

These questions should not worry you since they do not have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

You only need to compose yourself and give the answer that first comes to your mind, but you can also practice answering some of them beforehand – find out below what kind of questions they might be.

Years ago, after completing a business-related master’s degree, I interviewed for a supervisory position at a firm that specialized in data entry jobs for nearby auto-parts manufacturers who required quick turnarounds.

I was questioned in rapid-fire fashion by a team of three people — and questions came so fast that I had little time to compose my answers.


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