Fuzzy Data Mining + Thesis

Fuzzy Data Mining + Thesis-21
A momentum term was also introduced into the learning process to train the weight connections to avoid oscillation or divergence.A new reasoning mechanism has been also proposed to combine the constructed tree with those weights which had been optimized in the learning process.

In this paper, fuzzy Web data mining is discussed for BIG DATA for association rules.

The query processing is discussed with SQL and Xquery for fuzzy data mining the fuzzy Algorithms are discussed to design queries…

This thesis is concerned with the design, implementation, testing and application of these techniques to those datasets.

The thesis also introduces a hybrid intelligent systems technique: Optimized Weighted Fuzzy Decision Tree (OWFDT) with the aim of improving Fuzzy Decision Trees (FDT) and solving practical problems.

In this paper we will give a general overview of the main applications of fuzzy quantifiers in this field as well as some ideas to use them in new application contexts.

Data mining can be said to have the aim to analyze the observational datasets to find relationships and to present the data in ways that are both understandable and useful. Fuzzy clustering of data mining: A survey paper, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 5(3) This method creates a set of methods that reveal hidden temporal patterns that are characteristic and predictive of time series events.Time series data mining examines the time series in a phase space.This thesis also makes a comparison between the OWFDT and two benchmark algorithms, Fuzzy ID3 and weighted FDT.SIx datasets ranging from material science to medical and civil engineering were introduced as case study applications.Abstract—Prediction of an event at a time series is quite important for engineering and economy problems.Time series data mining combines the fields of time series analysis and data mining techniques.In this paper, a prediction algorithm using time series data mining based on fuzzy logic is proposed.Earthquake prediction has been done from a synthetic earthquake time series by using investigating method at first step ago.


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