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Women who become intimate with men are marked women, whereas those who do not participate in such acts and who are divinely inspired are considered virgins.Thus women can escape from being gendered as women if they participate in celibacy.An example of the typical female goddess is Aphrodite, who is shown as vain, simple, and beautiful.

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The creation myths of many religions contain stories about how humans came to have gender.

In many stories, man and woman are created at the same time, with equal standing.

External religious issues can be broadly defined as an examination of a given religion from an outsider's perspective, including possible clashes between religious leaders and laity; and the influence of, and differences between, religious perspectives on social issues.

For example, various religious perspectives have either endorsed or condemned alternative family structures, homosexual relationships, and abortion.

The second explanation is that female socialization is more likely to align with values that are commonly found in religion such as conflict mediation, tenderness, and humility.

In contrast, male socialization is more likely to emphasize rebellion, thus making the guideline aspects of religion less appealing.

Another example is that traditionally, men tend to work outside the home whereas women tend to work inside the home, which corresponds to studies that have shown that people are more likely to be religious when working inside of their homes.

The earliest documented religions, and some contemporary animist religions, involve deification of characteristics of the natural world.

The second creation story of Adam and Eve became influential in regards to how women were viewed in Victorian society by means of the "Eva/Ave Palindrome" where Eva was woman in her weak and evil state, based on Eve in the Garden of Eden and Ave was Mary (as in Ave Maria), the new holy and pure ideal that was impossible for women to mimic.

Historically, women have been placed into two categories; women and virgins.


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