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Whether they know it or not music plays a vital role in the lives of people today....[tags: Music] - Music is one of the few things that has remained constant through the centuries this world has existed.

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[tags: Music] - Music and it’s influence It is no doubt that music has played a vital role in our society.

Everything from loud, head-banging concerts to religious ceremonies have utilized the medium of music because of its awe-inspiring qualities. We can control this sound by varying the pitch, tempo, octaves, dynamics and so on.

This appreciation is formed not only by listening to several pieces of music, but by learning to understand what you may be listening too.

This involves introducing yourself to many pieces of music and learning to interpret, what makes each piece different and unique.

Emily Lewis, a graduate student at California Institute of Integral Studies says,“Listening to music, sound, and healing is all really about relaxing the nervous system.” In other words music helps and removes stress in the body by relaxing the nervous system in your body.

In other cases music can also be used to help with lack of motivation in some activity you 're doing. Whether if it is rock, pop, instrumental, indie, country, jazz, or another genre, everyone has a favorite.Music can be used to express oneself and bring enjoyment to life. Live and recorded music have many differences and similarities that can be noticed and loved depending on the listener.There is endless of physiological benefits that people get by listening to music....[tags: Emotion, Brain, Music, Nervous system] - For me personally, music appreciation is defined as looking at different pieces of music and musical forms, and learning to find appreciation for them.Sergei’s perception of music was accurate because he understood the impact and significance music can have.Everybody knows what music is and they all have heard a form of it but most people underestimate the value and power music has in our everyday lives.Understanding the historical background and societal changes that have taken place during the creation of the musical piece, is also an important factor to consider....[tags: Music, Musical notation, Developing variation] - “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.” These were the words of Sergei Rachmaninoff, a Russian composer and pianist who was very influential in the twentieth century.There’re lots of styles in jazz because it’s cultural melting pot and emerges from a combination of brass bands, blues, and the party atmosphere.This first American type of music always drew attention from all around the world and it’s also is mixing funk and R&B rhythms and amplification and electronic effects of rock music nowadays.


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