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His lack of attention as a child causes Willy to create a world in which he pretend is well liked.

He chooses the occupation of salesman after meeting a man by the name of Dave Singleman.

Willy saw him as everything he had wanted to be when he was young.

To him, having Biff follow in his footsteps and be a success was a way to accomplish the dreams he could never succeed in. He is told that his “personal attractiveness” and leadership skills will get him further in life than his schoolwork because “the man that creates personal interest, is the man who gets ahead”.

Willy pretends that he’s good at his job and brags that he is known in all the cities he sells in.

In fact, Willy does not make a lot of sales and doesn’t have many friends, which makes him unhappy.Instead of accepting his talents and using them, he clings to the dream that ones friends determine ones success.He would rather “borrow fifty dollars a week and pretend” it’s his salary than accept the fact that “there’s more of him in that front stoop then in all the sales he ever made”.Willy’s enthusiasm and desire to be well liked and his present disappointment in Biff D.Willy’s affair with “The Woman” and its effect on his feelings for Linda III. Willy’s different reactions to Charley’s job offers and Ben’s job offer B.Willy is often led to failure through the creation of unrealistic dreams. Since he wasn’t given any as a child, Willy develops dreams and expectations that his father might have had for him.When his older brother, Ben, “walked into the jungle and [came] out, at the age of twenty-one and he was rich”, Willy adopts him as a father figure because of his success.So the dreams of someone else cannot bring one happiness.Just as in the play by Arthur Miller, Willy is trying to find happiness in someone else’s dream.To Willy, the ultimate success of his dream would be to have a funeral like Dave Singleman’s.He thinks that his suicide would prove to his sons that he’s worth something and is well liked because of the many people that would attend his funeral.


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