Grammar B Essay

A traditional approach to grammar involves an emphasis on syntax.

Syntax deals with how words relate to each other in a sentence.

Popular culture has lovingly deemed the rigid prescriptive grammarian the “Grammar Nazi,” which actually refers to the grade school graduate who clings tightly to the Latin based traditional rules and enforces those rules online.

Due to these perspectives and due to various studies performed in classrooms, many have been rebuffing the study of grammar in schools....

Regardless of whether you’re a stickler who goes around correcting signs with misplaced apostrophes and mangled syntax or you’re a person who enjoys experimenting with the rules to see just how far you can push the language and still get your point across, the following list has something for you.

Here are some books thatwill reacquaint you with precise punctuation, omniscient orthography, sagacious syntax and turn you into a grammar guru.For the most part, Comm-B and Writing-Intensive instructors begin teaching these courses with little background in teaching writing and no experience in talking about the particulars of grammar.Some instructors feel English grammar is the most important thing for students to master before they continue on in the university, and others choose to overlook grammar entirely, focusing instead on students’ ideas.In just about any classroom, proper grammar is expected when writing, presenting and even talking to someone of higher authority.Proper grammar is essential in a workplace to save money, save face and save time....These forms will often separate those who believe their form of grammar is the only correct way from those who use many forms they find to be acceptable.Descriptive grammar is formed by analyzing how speakers use a language, and deducing the rules they follow....Although we have no magic wand to offer, here are a number of suggestions based on our experiences teaching, working with “at-risk” students, and talking with instructors across the curriculum.For the Entire Class Additional Resources Chapter 4 of John Bean’s Engaging Ideas: The Professor’s Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classroom (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2011).[tags: Communication, Management, Grammar] - Descriptive grammar is the set of rules on how people actually use the language; but the important part is the rules over history for Standard English, which is known as prescriptive grammar.Prescriptive grammar is used more as an aid to learning grammar because it is what editors and teachers think people should use when speaking and writing.


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