Guys Vs. Men By Dave Barry Essay

I've even known guys who compete to see who can grow a beard the fastest.Another interesting point Barry makes is the fact that men don't really communicate their feelings too well.First, guys like to buy “neat” things that they don’t really need. Last, but not While this may seem like a pointless test because, really, what difference does it make how fast a journalist can run the forty-yard dash? Guys will use any excuse possible to show just how much of a guy they really are.

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Well, to be honest, guys may not even have feelings.

One of the parts of “Guyhood”, as Barry calls it, is that pondering one’s deep innermost feelings is not something guys spend much time doing.

He also states that guys will rise to meet a pointless challenge.

I thought this essay was a really interesting read because of the way he satirically points out the differences between "guys" and "men".

Guys are also relentlessly competitive creatures, and they strive to be the best at whatever they do.

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It does not matter if the contest in question is completely pointless and irrelevant; guys still have to outdo one another.

Other than an extreme loyalty to a sports team, or a “fear of bridal showers,” there is the question of where or not guys actually have deep innermost feelings.

Guys can spend an entire day together, not say more than 4 words to each other, and still have communicated everything they needed to that day.

Many of the greatest inventions and technological advancements in history have come from the essential nature of men and their desire to perform as well as possible.

In addition to outdoing each other in physical competitions, guys also must outdo each other when it comes to other manly things, such as trucks or computers.


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