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Never be afraid to show that one of your competitors is profitable; after all, potential investors are going to want to know that your industry is a viable one and that success is not only possible, but probable.Also include any opportunities (and threats) that may potentially affect your progress, as well as any rules and regulations your market has to follow.This is a quick snapshot that captures the essence of your business. Figure out what sets you apart from – and makes you better than – other companies in your industry.

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We understand that writing a business plan can be a daunting experience.

You have a great idea, loads of experience in the industry, but you’ve never had to produce a document like this before…Don’t worry!

It can be a powerful tool for creating achievable goals and keeping track of your progress. You might want to write this section last, after you’ve determined the overall strengths and details of your strategy, but make sure it appears first in your document. Provide a history of your company and your experience, as well as a look ahead. Describe the nature of your industry now, as well as how you see it in 3-5 years. What needs do they have that your company will satisfy?

It can also help you make future decisions and measure your results. What products and services will you provide to meet those needs?

Futurpreneur Canada’s Start-Up Program takes your passion and turns it into a reality.

Get up to ,000 in financial support, and the support of one of our 3,000 mentors.

That’s great news, and you should be excited about it.

Take it from me: as someone who has founded several startup companies, I know what it takes to be successful in this space.

This section should include: Describe what your product line is, its specific benefit, how it will meet customer needs and how it stands apart from the competition.

Share its history and where you see it going, including future opportunities and possible barriers.


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