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Significantly, the underlying social issues affecting Latino life in the United States have seldom been addressed in Hollywood films, and hardly ever have Latinos been portrayed as people in control of their lives, capable of standing up for their rights, or having an interest in their own future.Hispanics have been portrayed by the media as lazy, unintelligent, greasy, criminal, and alien.

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The face is scared and scowling to complete the easily recognizable stereotype.Anti-zoot suiters sentiment sparked a series of attacks on young Mexican American males in Los Angeles which culminated in what became known as the Zoot Suit Riots.During the worst of the rioting approximately 5,000 servicemen and civilians gathered in downtown Los Angeles and attacked Mexican-American zoot suiters and non-zoot suiters alike.Their contributions culturally, economically, and historically have never been properly documented or appreciated.Instead, Hispanics in general, and American Hispanics in particular, have been the victims of racist stereotyping in an unbroken string of images and portrayals that began with the battle over Mexican land in the Southwest as America expanded during the frontier era.Hispanic Americans, like many other minority groups in the US, have long suffered from the effects of racial stereotyping.Typical stereotypes include: the Greaser, the Lazy Mexican, the Latin Lover, the Mamacita, maids, slum dwellers, drug addicts, gang bangers, feisty Latinas, the Mexican Spitfire, and the Exotica.However, there is no difference among those ages 18 to 29.Some 65% of blacks in this age group, and an equal share of young Hispanics, say they have experienced discrimination or unfair treatment.Some Whites believed their success was a threat and began intimidating Mexican miners with violence.Between 18, at least 163 Mexicans were lynched in California alone.


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