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The upside is sometimes you can work ahead and have some free time to reward yourself.

Other than that I haven't found apps to be very useful IMO. You don’t miss out on anything good by getting the premium, so the free version should do you just fine! For those wanting reminders, I recommend Tick Tick instead.

Alternatively, I have recently discovered that Asana can work for homework in project assignments if you go to the learning curve for Asana first. You can bullet the list with blank circles that when you click on them a ✅ appears...

Once or twice a month, I gather up all of my syllabi and updates list.

This is more annoying to implement if your classes assign things on the fly, in which case I’d probably just use GTD for assignments and have a list in there for exams.

I also use Zapier to automatically add new entries to the coursework board to my google calendar.

I like it because I can break assignments down into small bites if necessary, add due dates, and comment exactly what I've done for each assignment (my class load is such that I almost never sit and finish an assignment all in one go).

I use Trello too, but I have a board for the GTD method and another for coursework.

When teachers assign too much homework, you don’t know how to manage your time wisely. In other words, using academic planner apps is a great way to increase productivity, boost motivation, and become an A student with ease.

Here’re top 11 homework planner apps on the market: is a decision for students and their schools to make the educational process easier.


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