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Specifically, we work with congruent triangles and work many examples to illustrate triangle congruency....View the lesson Section 7: The Pythagorean Theorem The pythagorean theorem is one of the most used theorems in all of math.

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This topic is reviewed prior to teaching how to calculate the area of a rectangle....

View the lesson Section 18: Circles and Circular Figures This lesson discusses in detail circles and how to interpret drawings that contain circles.

These topics are reviewed prior to working many examples in triangle similarity to build problem solving skills....

View the lesson Section 12: Area of Rectangles The concept of area is essential to understand for geometry and beyond.

These lessons cover topics such as lines, rays, line segments, triangle similarity, area, volume, circles, the Pythagorean Theorem, proofs, and more.

All lessons are taught by working example problems step-by-step.Geometry, Algebra, and Calculus assistance from experts usually consists of two parts: calculations and writing.Every solution and formula have to be interpreted properly.Section 2: Working With Angles This section teaches the student the concept of an angle.Degree measure is introduced and the student is also taught how to write down the symbol for an angle when working problems....We offer to combine your knowledge of math with our experience in delivering geometry, algebra, and calculus homework help in order to become one of the best math students in your college!Graphing solutions and constructing complex equations, working with Excel tables and interpreting complex formulas – that is what geometry, algebra, and calculus stand for.You may be interested in buying 100% correct math homework solutions in case of being late from any website, but mind that the rights may be reserved.Don’t risk downloading a stolen paper – it is better to order custom writing services.Special attention is paid to explaining which angles are equivalent to one another when you have multiple lines intersecting....View the lesson Section 6: Congruent Triangles This lesson introduces the idea of congruency in Geometry.


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