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Honor Thesis Statement-5
Nevertheless, the department encourages all seniors to reflect on, and take stock of their development in, their respective majors.Any of the projects in the following list, which is not exhaustive, could serve as senior capstone experiences: Projects need not be undertaken for credit and group projects are strongly encouraged.

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have a minimum grade point average of 92 in courses taken for the major both on campus and abroad, through the end of the spring semester of the student’s junior year. submit the complete application materials (see list below) to the Chair of the Romance Languages & Literatures Honors Committee at least 72 hours before the end of Drop/Add in the fall semester of their senior year.. We strongly encourage you to work with your tutor on this proposal. In exceptional circumstances, a student may petition to be accepted in the RLL Honors program with a GPA slightly below the expected average of 92.

A faculty member must agree to serve as the tutor for the project before the student submits his/her application. a one-page single-spaced description of the topic, including a clear thesis statement , brief overview of the scope of the project, and your preparation for the project (previous coursework, research, experience); 2. Such a petition should be sent to the chair of the RLL Honors committee by the end of the first week of class.

Students writing a thesis will enroll in FRST, ITAL, or SPAN 409 in the fall and 410 in the spring. Students wishing to present an essay for honors must enroll in FRST, ITAL, or SPAN 403 in the fall and complete the project before the beginning of the second semester. a two-semester project with a grade of Honors or High Honors.

The departmental Honors Committee must judge this project to require initiative, sustained intellectual effort, rigor, and creativity equivalent to that required by a thesis. The departmental Honors Committee must judge this project to require initiative, sustained intellectual effort, rigor, and creativity equivalent to that required by an essay.

an explanation of the likely scholarly value of the proposed work for the field(s) under consideration; 3. Please consult the library website ( to become familiar with the format and purpose of an annotated bibliography. The chair, in consultation with the pertinent section, will make a decision. A student may petition to write an essay or complete a project in the spring semester.

Such a petition needs to be submitted to the Chair of the RLL Honors committee no later than 1 December.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis in the academic year of the student's honors project and grants are made until all funds for the year are spent.

Senior Year Project: Capstone Experience Majors in Romance Languages & Literatures are not required to participate in a senior capstone experience.

Guidelines: (1) Students wishing to write a departmental honors thesis should enroll in three hours of PSCI 4399, Independent Study, both semesters of their senior year.

During pre-registration the semester before the start of the senior year, a student should choose a thesis advisor and discuss the proposed thesis topic with the thesis advisor.


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