How To Solve Geometric Problems

Use this step to fill in as much missing information in your diagram as you can.At this point, you need to apply what you've learned to analyze the figure and other data to solve the problem.

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Some measurements of the building might, of course, be required, but the same problem-solving techniques apply.

It behooves us to present a basic approach to solving practical geometry problems.

This approach is similar to that for solving almost a word problem, but is geared slightly more toward the characteristics of geometry problems in particular.

In some cases, you may need a length; in others, an area or angle measure.

Using the properties of each figure, we can also fill in some of the unknown information.

Now, the area of the larger rectangle is the product of 40 feet and 20 feet, or 800 square feet.Not every step of the approach outlined above will be needed in every problem.You must use your best judgment in determining what is necessary to solve the problem in a satisfactory and time-efficient manner.Keep careful track of the units you are using throughout the problem.If no units are given, simply use the generic term "units" in place of inches or meters, for example. Perhaps you can show two triangles to be congruent or similar, or perhaps you can identify congruent segments or angles.The slope of the hill between two trees is constant, and the base of one tree is 100 meters higher than the other.If the horizontal distance between the trees is 400 meters, how far must the hiker walk to get from one tree to the next?Obviously, these problems do not require you to go out and make any measurements of lengths or angles, but keep in mind that problems you encounter in everyday life may require you to do so!Let's first divide the diagram of the house into two rectangles and a trapezoid, since we can calculate the area of each of these figures.Geometry has a variety of real-life applications in everyday situations.In this article, we will learn to apply geometric principles and techniques to solve problems.


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