How To Start A Business Plan Outline

"But you need to take action—especially if you want to land investors.

I don't care what they are, but they should focus on solving a problem or capitalizing on an opportunity." Rohr also suggests making a mix of easier and harder projects so that you can build confidence by making progress.

If you have employees or contractors, "don't forget to assign names to each project to define who is responsible for it," says Rohr.

"That $100 bill hasn't moved in years." The point, of course, is that most entrepreneurs turn into novelists when it comes to writing their mission statement.

Rohr says that you should be able to write yours in a maximum of 25 words and ideally in eight.

That's why it's important to set up an organization chart to define who you plan to have do the tasks you need in your business—even if they're subcontractors.

"Filling out an org chart let's you see where you can reach out for help," says Rohr.

Just as importantly, you also need to set dates that you are going to take all these actions, says Rohr.

"Many business owners would rather just hang their shingle out and hope that customers come calling," she says.

How to Write a Business Plan Outline: Your Story, the Executive Summary Once you have nailed down all the details of your plan, it's time to spend less than a page answering the key questions about your business: The what, the why, the for whom, the how much, the by when, and the where.

You could even think about this section as the one you would hand over to Warren Buffet if he was sitting next to you on the plane and asked you, "So what do you do?


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