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It’s a little bit of weight on the shoulders, but it’s something that I welcome because it’s something I know needs to be done." has a central message, it’s one of a global struggle."I wanted to wake up people in the States and let 'em know, no matter what you think poverty is out here homie, you can't even possibly begin to fathom what we facing out in the third world," says Tech.

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People try to talk about all those people like they're all puppets...

the sad part is the industry has specifically targeted the other side of hip-hop." Things may be dark at home, but Tech is hopeful for the future. I don't know what's gonna happen, I just know there's gonna be some .

"For those that have been orphaned by a conflict that's lasted for... The need came from the same place that all my music came from.

It ain't like I decided to reach into another part of myself, it’s just a natural progression.

kind of like we've got here in the States now." "Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects," rapped Tech on his breakthrough hit, and while his focus is global now, he's still deeply concerned with matters closer to home.

"You know, if you wanna ride the train you got a motherfucking dude with a damn M16 gonna search through your bag," spits Tech. When the Sean Bell thing happened, I put out something called the Police State Chronicles, I'm trying to get a thousand stories...

"We have to remember that hip-hop had a side of it that was just about partying, enjoying life...

and we shouldn't look down upon that ‘cos at the same time, every single time that people have been put in a terrible position of bondage they sang songs that didn't have anything to with their condition. Slaves sang songs on the plantation, don't mean they enjoyed being there. There are people who sings songs of joy, and people who sing songs about things that they're not experiencing and things they don't have, because they wish they did have it. Whereas I would argue there's different levels of success.

If you screw with one of their family, they definitely gonna come get you.

Your car gets stolen, they be like, alright, I'll be there, you ring them say my neighbour's a cop and their car's been stolen, cops'll be there in like, three and a half seconds." It's that kind of attitude that's kept Tech off of a major label, despite strong sales ("we spoke, yeah, but they were very non-receptive to what I wanted to do and what I wanted to accomplish," he says, with some amusement).


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