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Curriculum plans, therefore, do not focus on games, tasks, or activities, but on how to best create a social, emotional, and intellectual climate that supports child-initiated and child-pursued learning and the building and sustaining of positive relationships among adults and children.“Responsive curriculum planning focuses on finding strategies to help infant-toddler teachers search for, support, and keep alive children’s internal motivation to learn, and their spontaneous explorations of people and things of interest and importance to them (Blackboard, 2013).

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Mobile infants often explore by mouthing and must be protected from small parts and fragile toys.

In addition a rich learning environment for mobile infants should include safe structures to climb and explore.

Caregivers should understand that each toddler is different and has different needs.

Attending to each individual child in a well-organized and inviting learning environment is essential during his stage early childhood development.

This may require removing all sharp objects from the area and covering electrical outlets and ensuring.

However, prepping the room for child safety is not the only concern.“A toddler’s sense of self, of I and me, emerge in a group environment and a culture which private property and the acquisition of things are somewhat scared.This makes the learning of related concepts like mine particularly challenging (Greenman, Stonehouse, and Schweikert, 2008, pg. ” “Toddlers learn about who they are in the world through relationships and experiences with adults who care for them.The interests of the child and the belief that each child has a curriculum are what drive practice (Blackboard, 2013)”.It is understood that very young children need to play a significant role in selecting their learning experiences, materials, and content.” This should begin with study of the specific children in care.“Detailed records of each child’s interests and skills are kept to give guidance to the adults for the roles they will take in each child’s learning (Greenman, Stonehouse, and Schweikert, 2008, pg. ” It should also be realized from the start that plans should not be static.In the mobile stage young children should be provided the freedom to explore their surroundings utilizing their newly developed gross and fine motor skills.During the toddler stage young children are in search of who they are as individuals in the world around them.It is imperative to play close attention, and respond to the needs of young infants.“Very young children need adults who listen, smile, and talk with them or babble when they babble; watch for when they need quiet and solitude; and notice and communicate pleasure over such newfound skills as creeping, climbing, holding, dropping, or adding new sounds and words (Greenman, Stonehouse, and Schweikert, 2008, pg. ” An understanding of the mobile stage of development will make one aware of the safety precautions needed to allow mobile toddlers to explore the environment.


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