Interview Questions Problem Solving Skills

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I realised that we would need to be able to prove to our client that their customers would be satisfied with this new platform, so I decided it would be worthwhile trying to understand their customers first as this would demonstrate to our client that we had created a system with their customers interests in mind.

I put together a market research strategy whereby we would gather opinions the competing food and beverage company’s customers.

For example,: if you are applying for a customer service role, you should use examples where you have resolved customer service issues.

As a sales person, you could use demonstrate your ability to handle push backs from clients, a project manager could demonstrate their ability to meet deadlines, an IT developer could show how they have optimised systems in the past.

Of course, this meant that our deadline was even more difficult to meet but I was highly motivated to win this client over.

In our final week, we all worked very hard to finish the proposal and the presentation but the results showed that our hard work paid off.

Interview Question: Give me details of a time when you were unable to complete a task because you didn’t have adequate information to reach a good decision.

Answer Guide: Answer should show that you will guess or settle for a solution that isn’t optimum.

TOP TIPS: You should read through the position description to see the kinds of problems you would be resolving in the role.

This way, you can choose the best examples from your past experience which are best related with the job.


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