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Weather records for nearby Denali National Park and Preserve show no heavy rains for what Krakauer specifies as the period of time in question.

What follows from there until 50 is a workmanlike description of dismembering the animal he shot and killed out of season.

The main source -- Jim Gallien -- picked Mc Candless up hitchhiking along the George Parks Highway in late April and left him at the Stampede Road.

Gallien told ADN he didn't and wouldn't have said a key part of what Krakauer reported he said.

Gallien said Mc Candless wouldn't have seen a "swift current" on the Nenana because the river was frozen.

National Weather Service records appear to back him up, as do records for the Nenana Ice Classic, a lottery tied to the ice going out on the Tanana River in Nenana. Mc Candless is believed to have ridden up the highway near the end of April.

Afterwards paranoid psychosis with visual and auditory hallucinations appeared and persisted for five days." Mc Candless in his own 430-word journal, at No. Great Jeopardy.'' If the numbers in the journal are actually days, the latter posting would have come five days after wrote about the "Many Mushrooms.

89 of 113 numbered entries, wrote, "Many Mushrooms. DREAM.'' Four lines of gibberish follow the DREAM reference in the journal.

It is as if the late writer Ernest Hemingway found a 430-word journal written by Nick Adams containing the words "railroad," "fish," "forest fire," "camp" and a few others -- and from that wrote "Big Two-Hearted River" as the true story of Adams' biggest fishing adventure. Krakauer in 2011 attacked Mortenson's mega-bestselling book "Three Cups of Tea" as "an intricately wrought work of fiction presented as fact." The Alaska section of "Into the Wild" appears to fit that description well.

ADN made no attempt to fact check the sections of "Into the Wild" dealing with Mc Candless' life Outside before his death in Alaska, but a fact check of the Alaska section of the book -- a book now taught in classrooms across America as "the true story of Chris Mc Candless" -- makes it clear the Alaska section of the book sprang largely from Krakauer's imagination.


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