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This is no fleeting romance, it's an uncommon affair, one unconstrained by age or custom, and strengthened rather than diminished through sharing.The moreone gives it away, the stronger it grows.— Steve Van Matre, Institute for Earth Education The point here isn't that schools should only teach to the naturalist intelligence.

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In laymen’s terms, interpersonal perception can be defined as how much does an individual understand about the others.

The purpose of having an interpersonal perception is to communicate with others successfully and get advantages from the successful communication.

This essay will discuss how does intra- and interpersonal perception contribute to individual success both at university and later at work by mainly focused on that enhanced study result by self-monitoring and raised work performance by communication with colleague.

Interpersonal perception is a type of social psychology, it means how you perceive a target, and the target can be a person apart from yourself (David A, 1994).

Indeed, we should be teaching to all eight (or nine) intelligences.

But picture a school (and they exist already) where the natural environment becomes the classroom and Nature becomes one of the teachers.Having a better understanding of others can lead an individual to be success at both University and later at work.This essay will further discuss about this point in the following paragraphs.He has since added an eighth, the naturalist intelligence (and more recently, the "existential intelligence": the ability and proclivity to pose and ponder questions about life, death, and ultimate realities).Students show they are nature smart when they have a keen awareness of the natural world and phenomena, discriminate natural items like animals, insects, birds, fish, rocks, minerals, plants, trees, flowers, stars, [or] planets....In order to communicate with others successfully, an individual must first learn to communicate with himself or herself.That means having a better understanding of our inner feeling is needed. In the daily life, an individual may not perfectly understand about what the inner feeling is when acting different behaviors.Even students who don't exhibit "nature smarts" will become more attuned and connected to the world around them.And as many wise people have said, we can't save something we don't love, and we can't love something we don't know.They often learn best when the content may be sorted and classified or is related to the natural world.— Kagan Publishing, Multiple Intelligences Smart Card Falling in love with the earth is one of life's great adventures.It is an affair of the heart like no other; a rapturous experience that remains endlessly repeatable throughout life.


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