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My grandma’s last name was Mac Namara and a big thing for my family is just getting together and celebrating St. […] Most of the time we have our family get togethers we have a lot of Irish food and it’s just a happy background within our family.It helps bring us together and we love to celebrate it.” – Sydney S.“I think I’m part Irish.The wildly popular blog, Humans of New York, was started by Brandon Stanton in 2010 in an effort to capture the diversity of citizens in the “Big Apple.” Going off of this idea, I created this version called “Irish Americans of UC,” showcasing the students of the University of Cincinnati and how they think about their heritage in their daily lives.

My heritage means I am one of millions who is proud to come from one of the most beautiful and prosperous countries in the world.

My heritage means I am Irish, and I’m American, and I do not need to compromise one to be proud of the other.

So my father’s grandmother immigrated from Ireland, she was actually on the Lusitania, that famous World War I boat that sank, and then my father’s grandfather is also from Ireland, so he is very Irish, about 50% Irish.

But his whole family, they are very into corned beef and cabbage, we all wear Claddaghs, I have a Claddagh necklace that I got for my 18 birthday, I wear a Claddagh ring every single day, so I think it’s more about that cultural pride.

That’s why, when conducting the short interviews with students and one faculty member, I focused on rather than race or ethnicity.

Heritage, by definition, is “property that is or may be inherited.” This definition, and the idea of passing on tradition, is evident in many of the students’ answers.

My aunt will only text green hearts and green shamrocks at the end of everything she sends.

They’re just really into their Irish blood and it’s been a huge thing in our beliefs and values ever since I was little.” – Katie B. My heritage means I come from a long line of people who have learned to fight and prosper regardless of what life throws at them.

Even my older brother has a tattoo of a giant shamrock, so clearly it’s important to him as well.” – Erin M.“My Irish heritage is important because it has been a huge thing in my family ever since I was born.

My grandparents are really Irish and my dad has six siblings and they all have really Irish names, and my last name is all over Ireland.


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