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Fortunately, the mystery is so fascinating because you can do your own reading, draw your own conclusions and, with some critical thinking, generally have as much chance of being right as everyone else!

Suspects range from people the detectives at the time suspected (such as George Chapman / Klosowski), to a whole gallery of strange suggestions, which include no less than Lewis Carroll, a royal doctor, Inspector Abberline himself, and someone who even blamed their relative decades later after finding some tenuous items.

However, the identity of the notorious murderer remains shrouded in mystery.

Science Magazine reports that the scientists analyzed a blood-stained shawl from Catherine Eddowes, the fourth of the so-called “canonical five” Jack the Ripper victims. 30, 1888, and her badly mutilated body was found on Whitechapel’s Mitre Square.

There have been accusations that the missing organs weren't stolen from the bodies by the Ripper, but by people dealing with them later. During the autumn and winter of 1888/89, a number of letters circulated among the police and newspapers, all claiming to be from the Whitechapel murderer; these include the ' From Hell' letter and one accompanied by part of a kidney (which may have matched a kidney taken from one of the victims, but like everything Jack, we're not a hundred percent sure).

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Ripperologists consider most, if not all, of the letters to be hoaxes, but their impact at the time was considerable, if only because one contained the first use of ' Jack the Ripper', a nickname the papers swiftly adopted and which is now synonymous.In practice, there is no agreed list: the most popular change is to discount Stride and/or Kelly, sometimes adding Martha Tabram, killed August 7th.Authors naming more than eight have achieved very little consensus.Political reformers used the Ripper in arguments and policemen struggled with the limited techniques of the time.Indeed, the Ripper case remained high profile enough for many of the police involved to write private accounts years later.Because Jack did this quickly, often in the dark, and because he seemed to have great anatomical knowledge, people have assumed the Ripper had a doctor's or surgeon's training.As with much of the case, there is no consensus — a contemporary thought him simply a blunderer.Forensic analysis by scientists in the UK may have unmasked Jack the Ripper more than a century after the murderer’s brutal killing spree sent shockwaves through Victorian London.Research by Jari Louhelainen, senior lecturer in molecular biology at Liverpool John Moores University, and David Miller, reader in molecular andrology at the University of Leeds, claims to shed new light on the notorious serial killer.But he is more than that, he's the focus of novels, films, musicals, and even a six-inch high model plastic figure.Jack the Ripper was the first serial killer adopted by the modern media age and he's been at the forefront ever since, mirroring the evolution of western culture.


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