Japanese And European Feudalism Comparison Essay

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First of all, they both are about the love that someone has for someone else and the sad reason that they can't be together.In Faith Hill's song, she is singing about someone who has passed on.

First of all, they both are about the love that someone has for someone else and the sad reason that they can't be together.

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Works Cited “nuances not absolute distinctions” “the Chinese responses differed to a significant degree from those of other seminal civilizations” Differences and Similarities of Liberalism The purpose of this paper is to treat the similarly and differences of liberalism.

I will use John Locke and Adam Smith to represent classical liberals.

The Galapagos Islands consist of one of the seven species of fur sea lions, two species of rice rats and bats. These two islands have unique and interesting mammals with only a few similarities.

Madagascar and the Galapagos have similarities and differences in plants too.

They both had religious beliefs such as Buddhism and Christianity.

Japan was an island and was isolated, whereas Europe wasn’t isolated nor an island. These samurai were trained professional warriors who served daimyo and shoguns.They usually gave the shogun what they earned from working like food or crops.What made their jobs a bit difficult was their topography.For example, they practiced Confucianism, Buddhism ( Zen and Pure Land Buddhism) and their traditional religion Shinto.They also put their religion in their daily lives too.Feudal Japan and Feudal Europe had similarities and differences.Both Feudal Japan and Feudal Europe had professional warriors, for Japan it was the samurai, and for Europe the knights.Feudal Japan lasted from 1185-1603, while Feudal Europe lasted from the 9th to the 15th centuries. During that time Japan had emperors, shoguns, daimyos, samurai, and peasants who were all apart of a social class, and all together it was called the Samurai Society. The shogun was a powerful military leader that ruled in the emperor’s name. The samurai had to follow a certain code of rules for samurai called Bushido.One of their rules included to always have self-discipline to become a good samurai.Napoleon believed that their religious and social abilities should be removed, putting them on the same level as Protestants and Catholics; no matter where he went, he destroyed to , mouse, red-fronted, red-ruffed, and ring tailed lemur.Also the fossa, marrow striped mongoose, tenrec and fanaloka.


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