Language Gender And Culture Essay

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Along with the new stereotypes, the ones that used to hold true for some are now simply outdated.

A stereotype that might have held true for some is that people who drop out or never attend college are intellectually inferior to those who graduated from college.

Seldom are the stereotypes placed on a group of people truthful and accurate.

Some hardly even apply to the particular group people it claims to.

Stereotypes focus on how a particular group acts because of the radical ideas and actions of the few, how a particular group looks, or how that group is physically lacking in some way.

These stereotypes often lead to conflicts because the group does not appreciate the way it is being perceived.

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To manage intercultural interaction effectively, speakers need to be aware of the inherent norms of their own speech practices, the ways in which norms vary depending on situational factors and the ways in which speakers from other language backgrounds may have different expectations of language usage and behavior (Duran & Shepherd, 2009, p. Communication in many cases can be misinterpreted due to different cultures, When it comes to gender, there are some different perceptions of the communication.

In most cases this perception is dictated by the culture.


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