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Having a complete analysis of the economic, political and social aspects that surround the non-for-profit organization has the capacity to enable a leader or manager discharge his or her services in sound manner. also indicate that leadership is not theoretical but is practical in that they act within the applicable and practical wisdom that draws its basis from the existing realities.

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There is abidance in the fact that there stands a strong connection between a narrative and an action in management.

According to Hudson (2009) “the action derives from intention or motivation, based on the particular narratives of an individual, irrespective of whether these are self generated, after appropriation from a culture.” The understanding is that the line of action taken by a leader or a manager largely depends on a wide range of situational factors, organizational cultures, and objectives.

This is core reason behind challenges in assessing organizational strengths and weaknesses.

One specific area of research that has attracted interest from researchers is the impact of postmodernism philosophy on current theoretical and empirical research on management and leadership in human services.

The philosophy of postmodernism asserts that the organizational must view its culture past the realms of modern approaches.

To understand this moral perspective of organizational management, there is need to underline the importance of being sensitive to the complex local context and grow along a continuous learning path. point to the critical component of consistency in organizational ethics, values, beliefs and principles.Post modernism marks a departure from the approaches of the modernist and views the world in a state of objectivity and progress towards enlightenment.The systems and culture within organizations are in constant demand for change.“A whole cocktail of factors has been presented as forming the basis for the adoption of organizational behaviours strategies including costs reductions in transactions and strategic human services management (Harris and Hartman, 2001).All these aspects of human services demand the delivery of leadership and management that foster positive transition along the increasing demands of organizational management approaches.If reward and the driving factor in business is profit, one striking factor that remains a concern is how the non-for-profit sector can effectively achieve its broad objectives without focusing on profit.The purpose of this study is to draw personal experiences in leadership and management as a social worker in the United Arab Emirates, explore the aspects of human services funding and examine leadership and management to ascertain whether they are mutually exclusive or interdependent.Indeed, human service sector has paid cognizance to the effective development and management of human services.After serving as a social worker in the United Arab Emirates and taking cognizance of the family, social, and emotional adjustments and experiences, one thing that rings into the mind is the role of leadership and management in non-for-profit sector.However, this are analyzed from narrative and postmodernism theory to achieve a deeper dissection of how to articulate strategy into mainstream management roles and sustain the outcomes of the strategy.In the analysis of leadership and management approach within the non-for-profit sector, success in management and leadership revolves around complex approaches to the management of human services.


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