List Of Critical Thinking Questions For Kids

This question helps students consider how all of us bring our own individual backgrounds, values, and beliefs to how we interpret media messages.For any piece of media, there are often as many interpretations as there are viewers.

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They both focus on skills that help students be critical media consumers and creators.

And both are rooted in inquiry-based learning -- asking questions about what we see, read, hear, and create.

“We need to give students an opportunity to grapple with questions that don’t necessarily have one correct answer.

This is more realistic of the types of situations that they’re likely to face when they get outside the classroom.” How can we encourage kids to think critically from an early age?

Most leaders in the digital and media literacy community use some version of the five key questions: Help your students "pull back the curtain" and recognize that all media have an author and an agenda.

All of the media we encounter and consume was constructed by someone with a particular vision, background, and agenda.

Or, Who might be the target audience for this message?

Just as we all bring our own backgrounds and values to how we interpret what we see, media messages themselves are embedded with values and points of view.

Do your students love to take and edit photos to post on Instagram?

Are they obsessed with watching (or maybe even becoming! Do you want to help your students learn how to spot a stereotype on a TV show? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider integrating media literacy education into your lessons.


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