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When Britain put a tax on salt, Gandhi decided to walk 241 miles to the sea in Dandi to make his own salt. Gandhi also fought for civil rights and liberties among Indian people.

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Biography: Mohandas Gandhi is one of the most famous leaders and champions for justice in the world.

His principles and firm belief in non-violence have been followed by many other important civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King, Jr. His renown is such that he is mostly just referred to by the single name "Gandhi". Mohandas was born in Porbandar, India on October 2, 1869.

5) Nonviolence Before Gandhi and Nonviolence After Gandhi,6) Gandhi and the problem of “Dirty Hands”7) Gandhi and Transitional Justice,8) Gandhi and Criminal Justice Reform,9) Gandhi and Just War Theory,10) Gandhi and “Fake News”,11) Gandhi: Life and Accomplishments,12) Gandhi in the New Millennium,13) Gandhian Literature and Culture,14) Gandhi in Media and Popular Culture,15) Gandhi in the Age of Doubt and Despair,16) Gandhi and Conflict Transformation,17) Gandhi and Responsibility Studies,18) Gandhian Philosophy and Ethics,19) Gandhi and Religion,20) Gandhi and Hind Swaraj,21) Gandhi and Tagore,22) Gandhi and Ruskin,23) Gandhi and Tolstoy,24) Gandhi and Environmental Studies,25) Gandhi and Nationalism, Gandhi and Human Rights,26) Gandhi and Civic Awareness,27) Gandhi and Democracy,28) Gandhi and Village Development, While committed to publishing articles that will advance scholarship in any discipline relevantto Gandhi Studies, the editors are especially interested in areas of research that have crossdisciplinaryrelevance or new implications for this significant field of scholarly interest.

Submissionsof a comparative or theoretical nature will receive serious and respectful consideration.

The British were scared what would happen if they let him die. It's a religious title sort of like "Saint" in Christianity. He was shot by a terrorist while attending a prayer meeting.

One of Gandhi's most successful protests was called the Salt March. In India he is called the Father of the Nation and also Bapu, which means father. Unfortunately, Mohandas' law practice wasn't successful, so he took a job with an Indian Law firm and moved to South Africa to work out of the South African law office.It was in South Africa where Gandhi would experience racial prejudice against Indians and would begin his work in civil rights. Once back in India, Gandhi led the fight for Indian independence from the British Empire.He organized several non-violent civil disobedience campaigns.During these campaigns, large groups of the Indian population would do things like refusing to work, sitting in the streets, boycotting the courts, and more.We, on Gandhi’s 150th Birth Anniversary, are planning to publish a book of interdisciplinarynature that will explore diverse range of questions, relating to the ideologies and works of Gandhi inthe contemporary global context and situation.Critical papers/research proposals touching upondifferent theoretical and practical dimensions on Mahatma Gandhi’s Life and Works are invited fromsincere scholars. What has been learned or do we reallyunderstand his life and works better now?B) All contributions should be conforming to the recent edition of MLA Style citationrequirements and should not exceed 7000 words in length.Interdisciplinary approaches areparticularly welcome. The editors are committed to publishing excellent scholarship on the well-established topics in Gandhi Studies, to fostering new work in neglected areas, and to stimulating alternative perspectiveson a wide range of Gandhian issues.He would often fast (not eat) while he was in prison.The British government would eventually have to release him because the Indian people had grown to love Gandhi.


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