Marijuana Research Paper Outline

Since the drug affected dopamine levels in certain areas of the brain, users are susceptible to addiction.Moreover, as Sydney (1997) pointed out, there may be some added risks to the development of cancer.

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Positive medical uses of marijuana suggest that it could be useful.

Other authors, mainly Peter (2000) and Peterson (1979) suggest that marijuana can be effective in certain cases.

Therefore, some evidence does suggest that medical marijuana may be an appropriate and effective form of treatment of illnesses and ailments that cannot be treated by other medicine.

Published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, book offered research guidelines and protocols when studying the use of medical marijuana.

The author argued that a wide range of diverse studies such as surveys, open ended questions and fill in the blanks need to be used to get a full understanding of the consequences of using Marijuana.

Note that the sources are not just websites with biased and anecodtal data; instead, the sources reflect great information that is reviewed by other scholars.

See below for yourself and remember that these sources are cited using APA format.https:// Clark takes a thorough look at the situation of the legalization of medical marijuana.

However, there should be strict regulations and rules regarding the use of it.

Regardless of your personal opinion on this subject, it's easy to see why so many speeches and debates have focus on this subject.


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