Marx Thesis Antithesis

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So, despite what you will read in countless ‘summaries’ of Marx’s ‘philosophy’ on the Internet, or in books written by lazy authors who simply copy this half-baked idea off one another without bothering to check, this triad has nothing at all to do with Marx’s ideas or his method, and nowhere appears in his mature work, or, indeed, in his classic study, Das Kapital.

But that intellectual virus is now out there and nothing I or anyone else have to say will slow its dissemination as gospel truth by lazy commentators on Hegel and/or Marx.

The first moment—the moment of the understanding—is the moment of fixity, in which concepts or forms have a seemingly stable definition or determination (EL §80).

The second moment—the “” (EL §79) moment—is the moment of instability.

First, because the determinations in the moment of understanding sublate , Hegel’s dialectics does not require some new idea to show up arbitrarily.

Instead, the movement to new determinations is driven by the nature of the earlier determinations.

Hegel regarded this dialectical method or “speculative mode of cognition” (PR §10) as the hallmark of his philosophy, and used the same method in the [PR].

Note that, although Hegel acknowledged that his dialectical method was part of a philosophical tradition stretching back to Plato, he criticized Plato’s version of dialectics.

Indeed, for Hegel, the movement is driven , the method’s “proper exposition belongs to logic” (Ph G §48).

Necessity—the sense of being driven or forced to conclusions—is the hallmark of “logic” in Western philosophy.


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