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Since 1994, has guided medical applicants just like you to present compelling medical school applications. ESSAY I started writing in 8th grade when a friend showed me her poetry about self-discovery and finding a voice.

Instead, she offers a more reflection-based perspective on the internship that goes more in-depth than a resume or CV could.

This enables her to explain the reasons for interdisciplinary approach to medicine with tangible examples that range from personal to professional experiences — an approach that presents her as a well-rounded candidate for medical school.

: Great stats don’t assure acceptance to elite medical schools.

The personal statement, most meaningful activities, activity descriptions, secondaries and interviews can determine acceptance or rejection.

Furthermore, it is important to note that Morgan’s essay does not repeat anything in-depth that would otherwise be on her resume.

She makes a reference to her work in care team meetings through a clinical bioethics internship, but does not focus on this because there are other places on her application where this internship can be discussed.In working with an interdisciplinary team of ethics consultants, I have learned by doing by participating in care team meetings, synthesizing discussions and paths forward in patient charts, and contributing to an ongoing legislative debate addressing the challenges of end of life care.I have also seen the ways ineffective intra-team communication and inter-personal conflicts of beliefs can compromise patient care.She first discusses how she used poetry to process her emotional response to a local boy’s suicide and ties in concern about teenage mental health.Then, she discusses more philosophical questions she encountered through reading medical narratives, which demonstrates her direct interest in applying writing and the humanities to medicine.ESSAY Exposure to the medical career from an early age by my father, who would explain diseases of the human body, sparked my interest for Medicine and drove me to seek out work experience.I witnessed the contrast between use of bone saws and drills to gain access to the brain, with subsequent use of delicate instruments and microscopes in neurosurgery.I discussed my frustration with the teenage social hierarchy, reflecting upon my social interactions while exploring the harms of peer pressure.In college, as I continued to experiment with this narrative form, I discovered medical narratives.Sponsored by Med Edits: Med Edits Medical Admissions has been helping applicants get into medical schools like Harvard for more than ten years.Structured like an academic medical department, Med Edits has experts in admissions, writing, editing, medicine, and interview prep working with you collaboratively so you can earn the best admissions results possible.


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