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But when we do not consciously engage with presence, our minds are overtaken by the relentless stream of news, advertisements, and social media.As simple as this sounds, we take for granted that our presence is perpetually under attack from the attention economy.When we become mindless slaves to the ebb and flow of life, we are running on autopilot.

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It is a foundational primitive of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and motivation. It anchors on the thing that is with us from the moment we are born to the moment we die — our breath.

Mindfulness involves focusing your attention to the entire sensory experience. When done right, it will strengthen your ability to direct your attention, as well as enhance the quality of your attention.

Mindfulness is the unambiguous antidote to our 21st century woes. In my limited practice, mindfulness has transformed the way I eat, socialize, and exercise.

The Mindful Nation UK Report defines mindfulness as paying attention to what’s happening in the present moment in the body, mind and surroundings, with an attitude of curiosity and kindness/appreciation. Meditation refers to a set of techniques that nourish mental clarity, a core ingredient for mindfulness.

A simple thought experiment: If I gave you $100 to spend for the rest of your life and that this stipend would be the only allowance you would ever receive, how would you spend it?

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Likely with caution and a heightened degree of awareness.The threat of predators has been replaced by a media assault, but the reactiveness that was programmed into our brains has remained constant.That media assault is augmented by familial responsibilities, social obligations, and professional demands, forcing us into a perpetual state of motion.For those with depression, we excessively ruminate on the past; for those with anxiety, they agonize about the future.Meditation offers the tools to escape these self-destructive mental loops, and detach yourself from patterns of thought that plague your everyday existence.Meditation has emerged into the public consciousness in the last couple of decades, and research into their effectiveness for mental health disorders has proliferated.A 2016 review & meta-analysis of studies on mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) validated previous studies that found MBCT to be more effective than cognitive therapy or standard psychiatric medication to prevent depressive relapse.It is the difference between “I am sad” and “I am experiencing sadness.” Learning the ability to separate oneself from emotion is one of the most powerful skills of the steady mind.This is a critical step to transform reactiveness to patience & calmness.But there is an important distinction between being caught in the hamster wheel and observing the hamster wheel.When you observe an experience through the dispassionate lens of curiosity, your victimhood melts away.


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