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Corp members are posted to various areas by the government, about 80 percent of them to rural areas and a further 90 percent or more of that to secondary schools as teachers.Presently I am a mathematics teacher under the scheme, with Marymount College Agbor.

Corp members are posted to various areas by the government, about 80 percent of them to rural areas and a further 90 percent or more of that to secondary schools as teachers.

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Once at school a student from my class walked by drinking a sachet of water. What was wrong with her choice of refuse bin, she obviously wondered. Then I asked her to pick up the sachet and go dispose of it properly.

I watched her, waiting to see how she would dispose of the sachet when done. As soon as she was done, she hurled it like a basketball over an imaginary hoop, straight into the nearby flowers. "Do you know where the refuse bins in the school are? She picked it up, after a rigorous search, and said, "But sir, it was not even showing." Yes, improperly disposed waste may not be "showing" to make the environment unsightly, but the unseen consequences are far reaching.

This contest was part of the Council's second annual , which kicked off a year of events and resources on sustainability.

Generous funding of the Carnegie Council's 2010-2011 sustainability programming has been provided by Hewlett-Packard and by Booz & Company.

Similarly, members of the Earth Club will meet weekly to discuss environmental issues, and to fashion modalities for educating fellow students on environmental consciousness and enlisting their participation in the sustainable environment movement.

The programs I have outlined for the club include: CONCLUSION The school setup is a viable tool in nurturing future leaders who are more responsible to their immediate environment in particular and to our planet in general.

Goal Seven: "Ensure environmental sustainability," through the use of an "Earth Club" as a platform with programs designed to address three challenges which I have identified with respect to the sustainability of our environment: THE EARTH CLUB: A PRACTICAL FRAMEWORK FOR ADDRESSING YOUTH ATTITUDES AND ALLOWING PARTICIPATION To set the framework for attitudinal change, I founded the Earth Club at the end of this past term, thus proper functioning of the club commences in January 2011.

At Marymount College, students belong to different clubs (Science Club, Literary Club, Farmers Club, etc.) and meet in groups every Wednesday.

By forming an environmental club, the Earth Club in Marymount College Agbor, I intend to address the challenges of environmental sustainability: a lack of awareness of the consequences of harmful environmental practices, attitudinal nonchalance of young people toward the environment, and a lack of youth environmental consciousness and active participation.

With appropriately tailored content, as highlighted in this essay, we can be certain of raising a group of youth who are willing to protect our planet.


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