Of Mice And Men Coursework Dreams

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Candy is an old man with one hand he is told by Lennie that he and George are going to buy a ranch and Candy immediately wants to be a part of this dream he adds to the hope that they can achieve this dream of owning a ranch by adding a large sum of money to what George and Lennie already have.

Curley’s wife had come to the ranch having married Curley out of spite for being given false hope over a film career, although she stills holds on to this dream throughout the story she confides in Lennie and tells him of her hopes and dreams because she believes that Lennie is stupid enough not to remember anything she has told him and she can get things off of her chest that she couldn’t do with any other of the men on the ranch.

Of Mice and Men Of mice and men coursework The story of mice and men is the tail of two men George the leader of the two and some what the smart one, and Lennie his companion whose child like behaviour gets him and George into trouble.

At the time of this story in America in the 1930’s is the great depression, a time where if you weren’t rich or didn’t have some kind of trade that will earn you money then you were living below the poverty line which many Americans were doing for most of the 1930’s.

George and Lennie's dream is the main dream in the novel, They dream of owning their own land, and being able to be their own boss, they want freedom and the ability to do what they want when they want.

Lennie dreams of tending the rabbits and "Living of the fatta the lan'".

Indeed, when others begin to believe in the dream-space that George has created, it becomes almost realer to them than the farm they work at, a phenomenon illustrated by Candy’s constant “figuring” about how to make good on their fantasy.

Dreams help the characters feel like more active participants in their own lives because they allow them to believe that the choices they make can have real, tangible benefits.

But by the end of the story, Steinbeck reveals that dreams can be as poisonous as they are beneficial.

What George discovers—and what Crooks already seems to know when he scornfully spurns Candy’s offer to join him, Lennie, and George—is that dreams are too often merely an articulation of what never can be.


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