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When they have their farm, as George tells him at the end, Lennie will not need to be scared of bad things any more, and he can tend the rabbits and pet them.Lennie's prodigious strength combined with his lack of intelligence and conscience make him dangerous, and he needs George to keep him out of trouble.

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In that epic poem, Adam and Eve fall from grace in the Garden of Eden.

He lumbers like a bear and has the strength of a bear, but his actions are often described like those of a dog. He is innocent and mentally handicapped with no ability to understand abstract concepts like death.

While he acts with great loyalty to George, he has no comprehension of the idea of "loyalty." For that reason, he often does not mean to do the things that get him into trouble, and once he does get into trouble, he has no conscience to define his actions in terms of guilt.

Lennie offers George the opportunity to lay plans, give advice, and, in general, be in charge.

Without Lennie, George would be just like the other hands, but with Lennie, George has a strong sense of responsibility.Lennie Small is huge and lumbering and, in many ways, the opposite of George Milton.Where George has sharp features and definite lines, Lennie is "shapeless." Often he is described in terms of animals.Unfortunately, George does not realize how dangerous Lennie can be, and this lack of foresight adds to the downfall of their dream.Their dream also sets George apart from the others because it means he and Lennie have a future and something to anticipate.Once Candy makes the stake possible, George comes up with the details: where they will get the ranch, how long they must work to pay for it, and how they will have to keep a low profile in order to work for the next month.George also foresees possible complications and gives Lennie advice about what he must do in order to help their future.George takes care of Lennie and makes the decisions for him.George also gives him advice and helps Lennie when overwhelming forces, like Curley, scare him.In the end, he even takes responsibility for Lennie's death.George also understands that Lennie does not have an adult's sense of guilt and does not understand death or murder beyond it being a "bad thing." George makes it possible for Lennie — sometimes — to understand at least partial consequences of his actions.


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