Opportunities For Creative Writing Majors

Opportunities For Creative Writing Majors-34
If your goal is to become a nurse, you complete a nursing program.

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BA in Creative Writing, I received no guidance from the uni or anyone else about what to do next. I was only cut out for sitting in a darkened room with a typewriter on my own with no money for the rest of my life…right? A Creative Writing degree opens far more doors than many people realise.

If it wasn’t for the help of some very savvy friends then I probably still wouldn’t have a clue.

That's partly because writing jobs, in contrast to other occupations, don't follow a set formula.

(If you want to become an engineer, you get an engineering degree.

Writing is a natural fit for online or at-home work, so you don't have to be limited to jobs in your local area.

Whether your interests run to business, technology, news, public relations, or the arts, you can probably find a writing job to suit you.

If you enjoy working with—and helping—people, this is worth considering. If you self publish, you’ll earn a whole lot more than if you go down the traditional route.

However, getting started can be difficult, and unless you’re well-versed in marketing, you’ll struggle to be heard.

There’s not as much money in it as there used to be.

It was copywriting that got me started in my career.


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