Pakistan Day Essay

I have explored over seventy countries and I can safely say that Pakistan is the most diverse and beautiful country I have ever visited.

There are plenty of unclimbed peaks just waiting to be conquered by a worthy adventurer…It’s true that Pakistan does sometimes get hit by terrorist attacks (there was two whilst I was there) but, right now, every country in the world seems to be fair game and you are no safer sitting at home.

The independence day is celebrated in various ways at all levels in the country.

The main ceremony takes place in the capital of the country Islamabad, where national flag is hoisted at Presidential and Parliament buildings.

Patriotic songs are played, various Independence day special programs are aired on television and elders tell freedom movement stories to children so that they know how much struggle their forecasters have done to change the dream of Pakistan in reality.

The 14th August has arrived once again so celebrate it with complete passion and patriotism to let the world know that we are still a one strong nation, The nation that our great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted us to be, the nation that stands together in every difficult moment and the nation who is willing to sacrifice even their lives in order to protect their land from any possible threat.

From the bustling streets of Lahore to the quaint mountain towns of Hunza, every time a local person spotted me I would, without fail, be rewarded with a huge grin and often an invitation to dinner.

I lost count of just how many cups of free chai I drank but it was a lot…

I quickly made friends with them even though they spoke no English – simply smile, be respectful and, just like in any other country, you will be fine.

It wasn’t too long ago that Pakistan was a part of The British Empire.


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