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Wyman’s childhood was during the Depression and the virulently antisemitic years of the late 1930s.His father had found a job as a milkman, whose route brought him through a Jewish community; Wyman remembered that his father had only positive things to say about the people along the milk route.(He also ended up at the large, publish-or-perish University of Massachusetts at Amherst.) Much has been made of the fact that David is the grandson of two clergymen, but he insisted that he was not raised in an “unusually” religious home.

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At this point in your academic life, you are already acquainted with the ways of finding potential references.

Some obvious sources of theoretical material are journals, libraries and online databases like Google Scholar, ERIC or Scopus, or take a look at the top list of academic search engines (2019).

His father would relentlessly say “Put yourself in the other guy’s shoes.” “It’s the gift from my parents that I feel best about,” he recalled.

“We were taught not just tolerance, but a high degree of respect for all different people.” Sadly, neither his parents nor his brother lived to see the success David achieved seeking to live up to those standards.

In the end, having in mind what type of outcome you intend and how much time you count on will lead you to choose the best type of empirical data for your research.

For a detailed description of each methodology type mentioned above, read this article on collecting data.Both of these tips will help you gain a better insight into your topic.Another option is reading through content sharing platforms.Having built his own home (“probably the most creative time in my life—nothing has matched it, not even the writing”), he bought and sparingly remodeled a chicken coop to serve as an isolated study way out in the back, on the edge of the woods.There for some time he would literally burn the in 1968.After toying with the idea of doing something on China, he finally settled comfortably on a narrowly focused subject for his Ph. In any event, as Wyman smilingly remembered the moment, “Walking down the street in Cambridge, here I am finally having gotten the thesis pinned down—and out of nowhere comes this question: What did the United States do while the Jews were being persecuted and mass-murdered.” Wyman would say that he could not figure out where the idea came from.What he remembered vividly is that he decided then and there that this is what he had to do.Boiled down, qualitative data means words and quantitative means numbers.Whichever one adapts best to your research will define the type of methodology to carry out, so choose wisely.Once you gather enough theoretical and empirical data, you will need to start writing.But before the actual writing part, you have to structure your thesis to avoid getting lost in the sea of information.


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