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Eventually, even elected officials begin calling for these measures to get this country “back in line” again.However, there are scholars who have doubts about the whole story.

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“Nobody did anything to Steve except say he had been insensitive.

You’d think, ‘Jesus, he ought to be able to get over that.’ Instead, Steve just weirded out. He acted as if his very reputation as a liberal was being wiped out…

Some of them have relatively prosaic explanations for the individual incidents described.

Others investigate particular, canonical incidents, and find that in many cases the accounts are inaccurate, under-researched, or exaggerated.

Wendi Grantham, another student, was unaware that any complaint had been filed against Thernstrom– although D’Souza states she’d been one of the three who’d that she did not charge Thernstrom with being a racist.

She told Weiner that she agreed with Thernstrom’s use of slave owner’s journals, but inclusion of slave narratives alongside of these journals would have provided a broader perspective on slavery.Within the space of one year, “political correctness,” a phrase of self-mockery and irreverence among the American left, had turned into a post-Communism threat to our national freedoms.That’s the amount of time that elapsed between the , as well as innumerable secondary sources, reported the now-canonical tales of political correctness to hundreds of thousands of readers,[2] and these were circulated even more widely through hundreds of newsletters, magazines, conservative college newspapers, radio talk-show hosts, and time-surfeited Usenet cranks. Wilson refers to a search of the NEXIS database listed 15 incidences of the phrase in 1990, 1,570 in 1991, and 6,985 in 1994.[3] “Politically correct” and its variants even became marketing catchwords, turning up in Gap ads, frat-boy movies (.They claim that these phenomena are emblematic of a great danger to the strength and security of our greatest American values, and that our most important institutions are under seige.They then call for tremendous, even censurious and oppressive efforts on the part of Americans to battle the scourge before great damage is done.The following stories have turned up in most of the major books and articles on Political Correctness; it’s possible that one or two might’ve gotten under your skin as a prime example of intolerance or crackpottery. Stephan Thernstrom was teaching a course titled “The Peopling of America” at Harvard University.Thernstrom reportedly claimed that Jim Crow laws were beneficial in some ways, read aloud from plantation owners’ journals, and claimed that “black men beat their wives, and then their wives kicked them out.” Three black students, rather than confronting Thernstrom directly, complained to an administrative committee and the about “racial insensitivity.” University officials characterized the students’ action as “judicious and fair.” Thernstrom, in turn, compared himself to a rape victim and denounced the “Mc Carthyism of the Left.” Eventually, Thernstrom decided not to teach the course again.Others point out that the dangers described by the phenomena’s proponents are exaggerated well out of reasonable consideration.Some detect a slightly paranoid tone to the accounts– the people who report the phenomena (some repeatedly) have a tendency to describe it as a siege, a conspiracy, a virus-like entity that’s out to get , personally.After all, the intelligentsia are the people who do the cultural studies.But such panics do happen, and we’re going to take a long look at a real doozy.


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