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But to stand out among the thousands of applicants who apply for graduate school every year, your statement of purpose needs to be polished, coherent, and remarkable.

To help you along the way, here’s the checklist that our editors use to quickly make sure that every personal statement we edit or rewrite cuts mustard when it comes to gaining those sought-after university places.

The second opening statement will grab the attention of the members of the admissions committee much faster than the first. I could feel my heart beating in my chest as I observed the brilliant complex structure/function relationship between the various cartilage components and the health and viability of the tissue. When it comes to a formal document like a statement of purpose, there is nothing more convincing than facts and data.

Suddenly, I was no longer a lab technician performing standard tests; I was someone who had the potential to make a contribution to knowledge of osteoarthritis and, ultimately, serve those suffering from this painful and debilitating disease. When you write your personal statement, make sure you achieve the ideal balance between quality and quantity.

It will also help you organize your thoughts and develop a framework. Be conscious of any length limits, and, if the topic is provided for you, analyze the question carefully.

You want to be aware of everything they ask and answer everything thoroughly. Don't use big words just for the sake of using big words. Remember, this essay is about you, so use words you normally use.You could say: In the summer of 2011, myself and 32 additional volunteers participated in an initiative that aimed to retrofit the houses that were seriously damaged during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.In total, we helped 55 families to upgrade their homes and strengthen them against future natural disasters.Admissions officers can have a sense of humor too, and, when used appropriately, humor can make you stand out.However, don't make being funny one of your top goals in your college essay. Sometimes it helps to take a break from your work and come back in a few days.The one aspect of personal statements that our clients seem to struggle with the most is the “hook.” The hook is the all-important first paragraph that grabs the admission committee members’ attention and makes you stand out from the rest.You need to know how to write a personal statement that perfects the hook in a couple of short sentences. The next day I applied to college so that I could get the education I needed to find a job.Stick to what you know and your true personality will shine through.Don't be afraid to use humor if it's part of who you are.Review what you've written and make sure it still makes sense and conveys what you want it to. Sometimes you need to write a couple of drafts to get your essay right where you want it. No matter how good your essay, if people can't read your handwriting they won't appreciate the work. You want to make sure you've used proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, so ask an expert to proofread your essay. Ask your friends and family to read your essay and tell you what they think.Be open to suggestions and ways to improve it, even if this means going back to the drawing board. You want to edit your essay down to what is important.


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