Persuasive Satirical Essay

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Who cares about getting to work when you’re saving the planet, right?

There are now more people overweight than there are underweight.

*When speaking about your own people or country, it may be okay to correct something that is considered a damaging or self-harming habit or tradition.

The hope is that in this way your writing serves the purpose of benefitting the reader with care in a manner that will improve his/her life.

Also its important to tread very carefully when it comes to speaking about different ethnic groups; in some cases the line between racism and satire is a very thin one.

This can be seen in the unfortunate result of writers who find it hard to write satire except that which offends people.This may be for several reasons; one of which could be uncertainty as to exactly which topics would be suitable for this unique, and often neglected, genre of literature.When selecting a topic for this genre its a good idea to not only choose one that you think would make good satire but also one that presents a powerful and meaningful message to the reader.In contrast to that, when you're writing means something to you, it will often show in the words you portray.Therefore one of the most relevant issues to consider when selecting a topic is choosing something that is meaningful. Providing facts that are reliable and accurate may be an area that is sometimes overlooked in satirical pieces.Some things to definitely avoid are those topics that only really serve the purpose of offending people or providing a 'shocking effect' and thus perceived as distasteful or cliche.And even worse, sometimes interpreted as amateur writing that lacks direction.There’s really only so much soap we can use as a society. How about we send the fat to famine stricken countries? This step is similar to identifying a thesis statement or main objective in any other form of writing.Since you will be approaching your topic from a non-traditional angle (that is, not just stating what something is or making a statement and then supporting it with evidences) you'll need to carefully plan out what will work best for your subject matter. Picking and choosing the right message is a delicate task.


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